RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. bullets are designed to each exacting requirement for the ultimate in velocity, penetration, expansion and accuracy.

Personal Defense / Home Security / Special Application Ammunition

  • Designed for the demanding environment of an urban situation where innocent bystanders are in close proximity....


  • Designed to penetrate automotive safety glass and metal body panels while, still maintaining the desired expansion, penetration and energy transfer in tissue, without over penetration.

Dangerous Game / Big Game Ammunition

  • Designed for the ultimate hunting experience - flatter trajectory, longer range.

50 BMG Cartridge

  • RBCD Performance Plus 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun Cartridge has the highest power and velocity of any 50 BMG available.

RBCD Performance Plus Merchandise

  • Shirts, Hats, Cozies, Video Demonstration in 10% Ordinance Gelatin, Vest Penetration, Target Practice (showing accuracy of ammunition) and Chronograph.

The Ammunition loaded by RBCD Performance Plus is manufactured with new cartridge cases, powders and primers designed to SAAMI and our strict and exacting specifications.Always at Standard Pressure Levels (never Plus P or higher pressure levels).

Photos of the Performance of RBCD Performance Plus 32 ACP 37 grain ammunition

Above target shot at 50 feet (off-hand) and performance in 25 pound block of Clay.

All RBCD Performance Plus Ammunition offers:

  • Superior Stopping Power
  • Controlled Penetration
  • Greatly Reduced Ricochet
  • Superior Accuracy
  • Extreme Energy Levels
  • Complete Energy Transfer

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Federal Law requires that you must be at least 21 years or older to purchase ammunition.